Our Flagship Model

Semi-Automatic Capsules Filling Machine SCFM 35

Brand: Pharmagem. Model: SCFM-35

The Pharmagem SCFM-35 high speed Capsules filling machine is the result of decades of experience in the field of encapsulation machinery.

It’s the first machine to have a built-in capsules polisher and an output of 35000 capsules/hr unmatched by any other machine in its category.

It is loaded with innovative and unparalleled features designed to increase productivity, minimize operator fatigue, ensure dosage accuracy and confirm to safety standards.

It can be adapted to fill capsules with various dosage forms such as powders, Granules, pellets, powder and tablets. The machine has the capability to partially fill capsules with only the active ingredient.

The entire operation is controlled by an advanced PLC based control system. It can set product parameter recipes which can be recalled to match the Product being filled. The Pharmagem SCFM-35 is the ultimate in high speed semi-automatic Capsules filling.